Teton Valley Maps

Use the maps below to visualize important locations and to help navigate your way around the valley.

Teton Valley - the Idaho side of Grand Teton National Park

Teton Valley Idaho in on the Western side of Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  There are three routes to get here.

From Idaho Falls, Idaho, take Hwy 26 to Swan Valley then East on Hwy 31 which takes you to Victor, Idaho then on to Driggs, and Tetonia.

From Rexburg, Idaho, take Hwy 20 North then East on Hwy 33 which takes you to Tetonia, Idaho then on to Driggs & Victor.

From Jackson, Wyoming take Hwy 22 West over Teton Pass which turns into Hwy 33 on the Idaho border and takes you to Victor, Idaho then on to Driggs and Tetonia.

Essential ​Information for Your Eclipse Visit to
Teton Valley, Idaho

Teton Valley, ID is a small agricultural and geotourist community in SE Idaho. We know seasoned eclipse-chasers travel as much for the experience of the community as the eclipse itself, and we will try to welcome you and make your stay enjoyable. We hope you will understand eclipse-viewing here will be a relatively low-key experience, and that we are protective of our natural heritage and scenery.

PLEASE – to come and stay here for the eclipse, read these guidelines carefully and plan ahead. The basic need is for you to be responsible in a way similar to the Burning Man ethic of Self-Reliance, Leaving No Trace, and Civic Responsibility.

SELF-SUFFICIENCY, FOOD, WATER - Our goal is to be as self-sufficient as possible, something similar to the Burning Man festival, modeling the "leave no trace" ideals. Please bring your own supplemental food and water. We will have food and water for sale at local establishments and temporary sites but it's always good to have your own backup plan, extra.

TRAVEL and GRIDLOCK - Avoid driving into the Valley on the day of the eclipse. Our highways are 2-lane only, and there will be parking fines/clamping/towing. The highways need to remain clear to allow Fire / EMS traffic, as well as normal agricultural machinery. Know ahead of time where you will be staying, and your parking location, and allow yourself plenty of time. Designated parking locations and permits will made available in advance, accessible from 31 and 33, and very close to the center line of totality. Bringing a bike or another form of compact transportation will allow you to move around the valley more freely, on our bike paths, sidewalks and roadways.


Our ATMS may be close to capacity during this event, and the internet/online transactions may be stressed, so plan to bring cash for your visit (before you get here).

You will also save time and money, yes - MONEY - by bringing cash! There will be a discount for parking by paying with cash vs. credit card. Buying anything with cash will save some of the precious time you are spending here in Teton Valley during your eclipse experience.

CELL COVERAGE - We expect cell service to be overworked, and you may be able to text your friends when you can't call them. ☎️ We  just learned an unnamed website says you can text 911 during the eclipse. Not accurate! TEXTING 911 IS NOT AN OPTION. ☎️

TRASH/WASTE – Whether you'll be staying in a private house, motel, RV or campsite, make sure that your trash and other waste can be disposed of responsibly, and/or that you can take it home with you.

GAS UP - Plan to gas up your vehicle before arrival as the significant population increase has the ability to tap out our gas stations. We plan to have extra on hand but better safe than sorry!

DRY CAMPING - For an RV, bring food and especially water for the duration of your stay. There will be heavy fines for illegal dumping of waste, including grey water, so you will need to know the location of a treatment center on your way home.

FIRE BAN – August 21st is during our fire season, and a total fire ban will be in effect EVERYWHERE, including the forests and in town.

HIKING – while we have amazing hiking trails, please remember that our base elevation is 6200' and our climate is very dry. Altitude sickness, heat and dehydration are very real issues in the summer. Most trails are arduous with another 1500'. If you plan on doing any hiking during your stay, get into training, with the proper equipment including hydration.
You will be in areas that have no cell signal, so:
  • Always take enough water with you.
  • Always carry bear spray on your belt.
  • Don't hike alone. You need to be in a group that's large enough and capable of bringing an injured member out.
  • Leave word with someone / on your windshield about your trail route and ETA back at the trailhead parking lot.
Please don't become a liability for Search and Rescue, but if something goes seriously wrong, you need to be found quickly and easily.
For information on how to avoid altitude sickness and dehydration, please visit http://www.highaltitudelife.com/dehydration.htm

NATURE - Teton Valley is home to some of the most pristine rivers, streams, forest, wildlife and overall environment. Please respect all of these during your visit so that they may stay beautiful and healthy for our wildlife, our locals and your future visits!

LODGING - Most lodging around the area is completely booked. Some is available. Please check out http://www.tetonvalleyeclipse.com/lodging-and-amenities.html for more information.

LEAVE PETS AT HOME – Domestic animals get spooked by eclipses even more than wild animals. Horses will need to be in barns, dogs will need to be in kennels. Don't bring animals with you unless you've made prior arrangements for their wellbeing for the duration of the eclipse.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS – If you or members of your family or traveling party have a medical condition that may require hospital, ambulance or emergency medical response, please consider camping or parking as close as possible to one of our clinics or the hospital. Traffic congestion may delay response times. Please plan ahead!

​Enjoy your visit for this rare and awe-inspiring experience. And again, please, LEAVE NO TRACE!