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Driggs, Victor, and Tetonia
The website for everything total solar eclipsefest, August 16 through 23, 2017

The path of the eclipse enters the United States at Fogerty Creek, OR, and leaves via Bulls Bay, SC. Teton Valley is right on the "line of totality" and is considered to be one of the best places to view the eclipse in the United States.

People regard a total solar eclipse as one of the most breath-taking, awe-inspiring events one can see with the human eye. With the unique features of the Teton Valley, we hope to make this occasion a very special community event for all Valley residents, our guests and visitors.

Teton Totality eclipsefest is hosting a hospitality site in Victor to augment our local dining, brew pubs, and other amenities like ice, water, and beverages.

Our ATMS may be close to capacity during this event, and the internet/online transactions may be stressed, so plan to bring cash for your visit (before you get here).

You will also save time and money, yes - MONEY - by bringing cash! There will be a discount for parking by paying with cash vs. credit card. Buying anything with cash will save some of the precious time you are spending here in Teton Valley during your eclipse experience.

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<span class="font-size-m">Welcome to Teton Valley, Idaho</span><br><span class="font-size-xs">home to the cities of</span><br><span class="font-size-l">Driggs, Victor, </span><span class="font-size-s">and</span><span class="font-size-l"> Tetonia</span><br>The website for everything<strong> total solar <em>eclipse</em></strong><span style="color: #FF0000;"><em><span class="font-size-l">fest</span></em></span>, August 16 through 23, 2017</div>

Victor - Time of Total Eclipse

2 min 21 sec in Victor

Victor - Time of Total Eclipse

2017 Total Solar Eclipse in the U.S.

2017 Total Solar Eclipse in the U.S.
On Monday, August 21, 2017, the Moon will pass in front of the Sun, casting its shadow across all of North America. This will be the first total solar eclipse visible in the contiguous United States in 38 years.

Line of Totality

Line of Totality